Natural Body Lotions

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Natural body lotions hydrate the skin without introducing any artificially engineered, chemical components to the body. Rather, these lotions are made from botanical (plant-based) ingredients, such as oils derived from herbs. Oils of tropical fruits and nuts are also popular. Some examples of the most popular nut oils include those made from soy, shea, cacao, kukui, and macadamia nuts.

Popular oils made from fruits include olive, avocado, and grapeseed oils. Herb-based oils include tea tree oil and hemp oils. Ginger, orange and honey are also frequently used as active ingredients in natural body lotions; ginger purifies and invigorates, orange cleanses and exfoliates, and honey soothes. Seaweed is also a popular base for natural body lotions due to its purifying properties and richness in vitamins.

Organic Natural Body Lotions

One word of caution: just because a body lotion is labeled "natural" doesn't necessarily mean that it's organic. Unfortunately, consumers tend to assume so, and it follows logic: if a product is natural, that means it contains no artificial additives ... right? The problem lies with the word "natural," which is vague and, used (and abused) as often as it is by the cosmetics and food industry, meaningless. Companies are banking on the consumer's association of "natural" with "organic" to sell their products, many of which are anything but "natural."

For example, a company can make products from olive oil. Olive oil is a "natural" product, as it comes exclusively from olives, a "natural" food. However, these olives can be subjected to all kinds of chemical pesticides, fertilizers, and once picked, further treated with chemicals as they're processed. Is the end product "natural," then? Technically, it is--since, as I've said before, "natural" has little meaning. To ensure that the "natural" body lotions they're buying really are "natural," consumers should look for the word "organic," which really does guarantee that the product has retained its natural purity.

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