No More Cellulite

Written by Jill Morrison
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Many women and men wish for no more cellulite. Cellulite is typically caused by weight gain, genetics, and hormonal changes. Cellulite occurs when fat cells enlarge, stick together, and restrict circulation to certain areas of the body.

Approximately 90% of women over the age of 20 are subjected to cellulite. Men do not experience cellulite as often, but may acquire it around the hips or chest area. Many seek changes in lifestyle and special procedures so that they will acquire no more cellulite and get rid of the cellulite that they have.

Options in Having No More Cellulite

If you wish to have no more cellulite and want to improve the appearance of your body, you have many options. You should start with a lifestyle change and alter your diet and exercise plan. Losing weight and improving your health may solve many body and cellulite issues.

If a lifestyle change does not produce dramatic results, you may want to consider a special cellulite treatment. Liposuction is an expensive surgical procedure that removed fat deposits. Endermologie is safe, painless, and will restore circulation by 200% which will lessen the amount of cellulite in certain areas of the body.

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