Professional Skin Care Products

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Professional-quality skin care products are distinguished from those that are typically purchased at the pharmacy or grocery store. The assumption is that, because they're specialized, less widely distributed and often more costly, they'll be much more effective than the grocery-store brands. Sometimes this is the case, but sometimes it isn't.

The fact is that products often vary in their effectiveness depending on the individuals using them. Just as there are many different types of personalities and skin types, so are there different individual reactions to skin care products. A product that may yield soft, smooth skin for one person may irritate another. A cellulite cream that causes a noticeable tightening in the affected area for one person may have no noticeable effects for another user.

Confidence in Professional Skin Care Products

Taken with that grain of salt, however, professional skin care products win consumer confidence over drugstore brands. Perhaps this is because of the tendency of many companies to seek implicit endorsements from the dermatologists and plastic surgeons that use the products, and even sell them from their offices. Perhaps it's also due to the impressive data, backed up by scientific studies, supporting the effectiveness of these products.

Generally speaking, however, professional-quality skin care products do tend to get physician endorsements because of their better overall quality. Professional formulas are likely to use better quality ingredients and processes than popular commercial brands, which will tend to cut more corners to meet mass production goals. They are also formulated to pay more attention to issues such as skin sensitivity and patient safety. To many consumers, this makes them worth the extra cost.

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