Reduce Stretch Marks

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Reduce stretch marks through skin therapy, not exercise. Stretch marks are striations, or stripe-like marks, on the skin that result from breaks in the connective tissue in the dermis. The dermis is the middle layer of the skin (underneath the epidermis), and when excessive stretching occurs, the dermis is the layer of the skin to experience the stress.

What causes the skin to stretch to this extent? Most often, weight gain is the culprit. Pregnancy is also a common cause of stretch marks, although even teenagers can develop stretch marks as a result of a rapid growth spurt. In all of these cases, the skin is stretched to capacity, even in its deepest layers, until the connective tissue, which keeps the skin supple, fails. However, as bad as the condition may sound, stretch marks are a purely cosmetic condition and in no way affect skin health--or your overall health, for that matter.

Products to Reduce Stretch Marks

However, there's no denying that stretch marks are annoying, and sometimes even upsetting. Seeing the skin undergo such a change can be difficult for individuals who place much importance on their appearance. To make matters worse, because stretch marks affect the dermal layer of the skin, topical creams and lotions of the past weren't really effective because they couldn't get to this under-layer of skin.

However, today's stretch mark treatments include creams and lotions that can indeed penetrate the topical layer of skin to treat the irregularities underneath. Once the active ingredients of these lotions reach the dermal layer, they go to work smoothing out the ridges in the damaged connective tissue, restoring the dermis to a state that more closely resembles its pre-stretch mark days.

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