Shrink Fat Cells

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Fat cells in problematic, cellulite-prone areas can be shrunk through the application of special cellulite-reducing creams and lotions. Cellulite has been a confounding problem ever since it was first discovered. Cellulite is the same as any other fat cells; the only difference lies in its formation. Rather than being uniform in size and position, cellulite fat cells are the result of fat cells stretching beyond their normal size and putting stress on their sheaths.

These sheaths are attached to the underside of the epidermis, and it's because of them that fat cells lay uniformly under the skin layer. However, when the sheaths are stretched, they start to pull on the epidermal layer, causing actual dimples in the skin's surface. These hated dimples are what cause millions of women (and men) every year to purchase cellulite-reducing products.

Products to Shrink Fat Cells

Creams and lotions are, of course, topically applied. In the past, creams and lotions were highly disputed in their effectiveness, as they really worked only on the surface of the skin. As far as really being able to penetrate to the subcutaneous fat layer underneath, well, there was no proof. This gave birth to widespread skepticism regarding cellulite creams and lotions.

Today's cellulite creams and lotions, however, have benefited from several decades of careful scientific study. Today's state of the art cellulite treatments boast a liposome delivery system--a capsulated method of safely and painlessly penetrating the layer of skin to the fat layer underneath. Upon arrival at the fat layer, the liposomes then get to work, delivering the combination of active ingredients that shrink fat cells in their sheaths.

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