Smoother Skin

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Smoother skin is a Holy Grail of sorts for people, especially women, who have struggled with problems of cellulite. Though men can and do get cellulite, women comprise the majority of the population that complains of cellulite--which is logical, since about 80 percent of all women have it. In other words, cellulite is pretty much part and parcel of being female.

No matter now natural it is, though, this doesn't stop many women from doing everything in their power to get rid of it-- or at least reduce it. We are a culture that values smooth, uniformly contoured skin. We consider that ideal and attractive, even though it's hardly the norm. Interestingly enough, cellulite has no connection to obesity. Even extremely thin women can have cellulite. It's a matter of genetics and hormonal changes, not fatness, dieting, or exercise.

Steps to Smoother Skin

Those who have been tormented by cellulite may be heartened to know that nowadays, a bevy of anti-cellulite lotions and creams are on the market. Ranging from budget-priced to extravagant, these potions are among the most popular items at the drug store and beauty counter, and their presence is growing. Millions of dollars are spent every year by consumers hungry for the latest skin-smoothing, anti-cellulite therapy.

Do these therapies work? Although some say they notice no difference, many satisfied consumers swear by them, claiming definite changes in the texture of their skin after application. It must be noted, however, that the respectable anti-cellulite therapies only claim to be able to temporarily smooth and firm cellulite-troubled areas. One indisputable benefit of anti-cellulite formulas, however, is that they often contain alpha-hydroxy acids and botanical oils that alternately slough and deep-moisturize the skin, creating an extra silky smoothness. They may even correct skin flare-ups in some individuals.

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