Triactive Laser Machine

Written by Jill Morrison
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The Triactive laser machine provides triple-action skin treatments. The machine provides laser action, mechanical massage, and localized cooling in a single session. Triactive treatments are typically used to treat cellulite or other skin and body flaws.

Triactive Laser Machine Qualities

The Triactive laser machine should only be operated by a professional. The machine is very expensive and requires training before application to a patient. You can receive Triactive laser treatments from a spa, Dermatologist, Massage Therapist, Endermologie clinic, or from any professional with a license to provide the treatment.

The Triactive laser machine can be used to perform multiple treatments. Applications include cellulite treatment, facial and body smoothing, pre and post-liposuction treatment, therapeutic massage, and to promote microcirculation. It will restore a normal balance to the skin, including smoothing and tightening of the outer layers.

There are two different hand pieces that can be used in Triactive laser therapy. The hand pieces are large and small so that every flawed area of the body can be treated. Triactive therapy will give patients a radiant glow regardless of age.

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