Baby Books

Written by Serena Berger
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It is never too early to start getting baby books for your children. Being read to makes children feel safe, secure, and loved, as well as helps their brains develop in ways that will serve them throughout their entire lives. Reading to children has the highest rate of return of almost any activity in which they can be occupied. Many baby books fold completely open so that your child can play with them on the floor, even when you're not able to read aloud. These books often feature vivid images such as real-life photographs or cartoon images with rich colors that will visually stimulate your child.

Some books also feature audio components. If you played classical music while you were pregnant because you wanted your child to have a greater aptitude for mathematics, you might want to get some baby books that also play such music. If this isn't exactly your taste, you can also find baby books that show different animals and play the sounds that they make.

Baby books are constructed to stand up to the rigorous treatment that they are likely to receive. While most books would fall apart if tossed in the bathtub, some baby books are waterproof and will float. These usually feature other animals or objects that are naturally found in bodies of water.

Educational Baby Books

You can also find baby books that are primarily intended to be educational, but with images that make them enjoyable as well. Children can get a head start on learning foreign languages with books that show objects with their names in both English and another language. There are also baby books that will teach children how to count, which may be the perfect complement to playing music to build up their math skills. You can also find picture books with simple stories that introduce your children to important aspects of your faith.

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