Baby Carriers

Written by Serena Berger
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The wide variety of baby carriers on the market can often be confusing to the first-time shopper. While they really all do the same thing, there are some potentially important differences between styles. Your main priority is having a place to put the baby where he or she will be secure, safe, and comfortable--but you might do this on your back, on your front, or attached to another stroller, your bike, or something else.

The Basics of Baby Carriers

Some carriers are part of a larger system. They snap into and out of strollers, car seat bases, high chairs and even some playsets. The only problem is that sometimes the gadgetry is highly specialized, so the carrier you get will not be very versatile, even if it is perfect for one situation.

The simpler carriers are likelier to be multifunctional. Many double as car seats, and can also do duty as on-the-go crib space for midday naps. No matter which type you choose, there are the important things to consider: the comfort of the baby, and the comfort of whoever is doing the carrying.

Make sure the basket is large enough to fit your baby comfortably no matter what he or she is wearing. This may mean that it's larger then necessary if the baby is only wearing a diaper and t-shirt, but it will be important when the baby is bundled up against wintertime cold. And remember that the carrier, plus the weight of the baby, will have to be carried. Make sure to choose a carrier with a handle that fits your hand well and is oriented in a way that is comfortable to you. If it's going over your shoulders, make sure the straps aren't too thin (padding is great) and won't chafe.

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