Baby Einstein Products

Written by Serena Berger
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Baby Einstein offers a number of products that are designed to simultaneously entertain and educate your baby. Their DVDs, videos and music CDs will enrapture your child for hours on end. And what's more, Baby Einstein CDs are the perfect way to relax your baby for a long car ride without irritating your adult passengers.

Baby Einstein also offers a wide selection of books aimed at children of different ages. Some books feature real-world images, such as pieces of art or photographs of animal mothers with their babies. Other books use bright images and open up so that they lie flat on the floor, encouraging younger babies to stretch and wiggle while looking at the different pictures.

Baby Einstein also manufactures products such as activity gyms, bouncers, and activity centers to encourage your child to interact with physical objects. Some are more animated versions of basic items, such as teethers and rattlers. Activity gyms typically incorporate multiple activities and music to keep your baby entertained and active. Other toys are available that are also educational and fun, such as soft blocks with numerals and numbers written in different languages.

Baby Einstein Products Make Perfect Gifts

If you are going to a baby shower and can't figure out what kind of gift to give the baby, consider a Baby Einstein gift set. These gift sets combine multiple products, such as DVDs, books, and puppets that all share a common theme. While any Baby Einstein product is sure to be cherished by the baby (and the parents, for keeping the little one entertained), these gift sets will provide the baby with much more fun from each of the individual products in the set.

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