Baby High Chairs

Written by Serena Berger
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Baby high chairs used to be simple--they were just chairs with longer legs and possibly a tray so that your baby could sit at the height of a regular dining table. While the technology used to build high chairs has not gone high-tech (don't expect to find flashing LEDs or a remote control for the elevation), high chairs today do have a number of new and convenient features. Wheels, height adjustment, and a simpler tray release system are just some of the features to consider when purchasing a high chair for your baby.

Regardless of the additional features that you want your baby's high chair to have, the most important one is safety. To ensure that the high chair is safe, look for the Juvenile Products Manufacturer's Association certificate on it. Most manufacturers of high chairs follow the safety standards that this group has established, giving you the peace of mind that your child is not in any danger while sitting in his or her high chair.

Related to the safety of the chair is its stability. Common sense will tell you that a chair with a very narrow base is more likely to wobble and potentially fall over if given a good shake. If your baby starts to have a tantrum in the chair, you want to be able to tend to him or her without worrying about the chair collapsing because of forceful movement.

Features of Baby High Chairs

Wheels can be very convenient, as they allow you to move the high chair from room to room with one hand and little effort. Just be sure that the wheels have locks on them so that you can make the chair stationary when you do not want your baby to be rolling across the room. Height adjustment is another convenient feature that ensures that you can use the high chair for a longer period of time before your baby outgrows it.

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