Baby Swings

Written by Serena Berger
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Baby swings are a convenient and easy way to calm your baby while you take care of other things in your home. While you should not leave your baby in a swing unattended for a prolonged period of time, a swing can help her to relax while you jump in the shower or go through your mail. The cost of the swing will be driven by the extent of the features that it includes, but safety should be your primary concern when deciding which swing to purchase.

You should be sure that the swing has a wide base. This will ensure that the swing will not tip over if your baby is restless while in the seat and moves from one side to the other. For increased safety, look for a swing that has a safety belt system that will reduce the chance that your baby will slide out of the seat or start climbing on the apparatus.

Battery-Powered or Wind-Up Baby Swings?

Among the main decisions that you will have to make in determining which baby swing to purchase is whether you want a battery-powered or wind-up baby swing. Battery swings will ultimately cost more because the batteries will need to be replaced, but may feature more speeds and options for music to suit your baby's preferences. With a wind-up swing, there is also the possibility that you will wake the baby when you wind it up again.

Another feature to look for in baby swings is a reclining setting. Younger babies are not able to support their heads and will not be able to avoid slouching in an upright swing. Look for a baby swing that allows you to recline the seat far enough so that your baby does not have to slouch. This is also useful for older babies, as you can recline the seat if they fall asleep while in the swing.

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