Boy Clothes

Written by Serena Berger
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If you're expecting a bouncing baby boy, you now have to face the daunting task of buying clothing for your baby. Though they will spend the majority of time their first few months sleeping and crying, few parents can resist the temptation of buying at least a few cute outfits for their children. From jumpers to sailor outfits, parents can find boys' clothes in several themes to dress up their children, an option often preferred for taking professional baby pictures.

Thanks to tradition, you're likely to receive lots of outfits in different shades of blue. Do not think, however, that this is the only color in which you can find baby clothing for boys. You can find jumpers and other outfits in almost all other colors, so that they become exposed to different hues rather than thinking everything should be blue.

No baby's wardrobe would be complete without several pairs of pajamas. Many of these tend to feature patterns with different animals covering both the pants and tops. For cold winter months, you might want to consider getting your baby a set of long johns to keep him warm.

Showing Your Team Spirit with Clothes for Your Baby Boy

If you have a favorite sports team, there's nothing that shows support like a toddler wearing a team's uniform with a matching hat sitting on his father's shoulders on the opening day of the season. You can often get these at stadiums or online. They also make great gifts if you know parents of a new baby who are also die-hard sports fans.

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