Boy Tuxedos

Written by Ingrid Chen
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Finding the appropriate boy tuxedos for a special occasion requires just as much attention as one might pay to finding an adult's tuxedo. Though for the most part they are simply a smaller version of an adult's tuxedo, one should consider the differences between the ways they fit. Boy tuxedos should be comfortable for the child to wear, and look clean-cut and classy.

Tuxedos became popular in the 1800s. In the early 1800s, English writer Edward Bulwer-Lytton deemed black as the classic color for formal wear among men. He considered black to be a distinguished and "melancholy" look in evening wear. Eventually black became popular for daywear as well.

Once black became typical for the dinner jacket, the style of the jacket began to change. The tuxedo cut is said to have been invented in the late 1800s by Pierre Lorillard IV, a member of the great Lorillard tobacco family. The Lorillards owned property in Tuxedo Park, an area near New York City known for its wealthy residents. At the time, dinner jackets were characterized by their tails. Mr. Lorillard instead wore a tailless version of the dinner jacket to a function, thus starting a trend amongst prominent social figures, men and young boys alike.

Fitting the Right Boy Tuxedos

It may be difficult to find boy tuxedos, especially because of a fairly limited selection in cuts and colors. Online stores are more likely to carry a larger selection than regular retail stores. Be sure to buy the correct fit. If you want to leave room for growth, find pieces that allow for alterations, such as pants with a center seam in the back. Be sure that the tuxedo it not too roomy to assure an elegant, clean look.

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