Boys' Dress Shoes

Written by Ingrid Chen
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With the variety of shoes available in the market today, finding the right men's, women's and boys' dress shoes can be an overwhelming activity. Boys especially tend to be extremely active, even in dressy attire, and finding a quality shoe is important not just for comfort but for general health. To avoid stress on your child's feet, buying new shoes is best, rather than settling for hand-me-downs that are not broken in with your child's stride.

What to Look For in Boys' Dress Shoes

Although there are many features to consider when deciding on the right boys' dress shoes, several aspects stand out as the most important elements to look for when finding a quality shoe. First, and some consider this most important, is the type of material used. Leather is a great shoe material because of its durability and comfort, but there are some less expensive synthetic materials that offer similar amounts of support. A rubber sole, rather than a slick, inflexible sole offers a better grip for an active child.

For children especially, comfort should be vital in deciding on the best shoe. If a child cannot move about comfortably in his shoes, there will be more stress placed on the child's joints and possibly his back. However, the shoe should not be flimsy, either, and should provide enough support for medium activity at the least. When fitting the shoe, allow for a little growing room, but not too much to where the foot is sliding out of or around the shoe.

It may be tempting to choose the least expensive boys' dress shoes over a higher-priced, higher-quality shoe. Consider, however, that a child spends great amounts of time on his feet, oftentimes running about. Just as an adult cares for his or her feet, children especially need the right support for their active, growing feet.

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