Child Consignment

Written by Serena Berger
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Consignment of supplies, clothing, furniture, and other essentials for children is one of the best money-saving options for savvy parents. Consignment is often confused with other forms of retail for used items, so some people don't know what to expect when they hear about consignment shopping. The fact is, however, that consignment stores typically offer the highest quality of used items.

Get Top Quality Merchandise for Children through Consignment Shopping

Some consignments stores only offer brand name merchandise. Other stores have requirements for the condition of any merchandise that is offered through their store or website. Still others will allow sellers to offer any merchandise they desire, but require that they indicate explicitly what condition a given item is in, as well as the brand, designer, or even purchase or use history.

Essentially, as the buyer, you have the option to determine what qualifications you have for both a consignment site and any individual seller with whom you deal. Some of them will offer personal contact information so that you can get in touch with the seller to ask for additional information about the product. You can ask for close-up pictures if you want to view construction details or see more of the condition of any item you're interested in buying.

Consignment is also a great thing to consider if you think you've had your last child and you want to clear up some space and make back some money. Things like playpens, strollers, baby gates, carriers, and bouncy seats take up a lot of room. Chances are you don't even have the closet space to pack it all away. If you offer it online through a consignment site, you can make back a fairly high percentage of the cost while helping out other new families who will appreciate the savings.

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