Christening Accessories

Written by Ingrid Chen
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Christening accessories can serve as commemorative items to remember a child's christening. The rite of christening is a fundamental step into a child's religious faith. To cherish the day of christening, blankets, bibs, shoes and other items can serve as memories of the special event.

The christening ceremony is essentially the rite of passage into the religious life of an individual, usually held in infanthood. Ritual requires that the baby be immersed in water or have the water poured on the head. This represents a cleansing of the individual, ready to step into his or her religious faith.

Christening Accessories to Accompany the Ceremony

White is traditionally the color of choice for these christening accessories, as it represents youth and purity. Depending on the parish, the ritual may require a christening gown. Traditionally, both males and females wear gowns, and shoes and socks should accompany the gown. A towel should also be brought to the ceremony to dry the baby after the immersion.

A bib or blanket may be worn in the ceremony and kept as a reminder of the christening. Christening accessories might also include bracelets and satin boutonnières, and the garments may be adorned with lace or embroidery. The embroidered image might be, for example, a cross, Celtic symbols, or the baby's initials. These accessories can make an elegant addition to the baby's special day.

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