Christening Bibs

Written by Ingrid Chen
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Christening bibs are just one of many accessories that may be added to ornament a baby's christening. It is a general rule for Christian parishes to require a white gown for the baby, as well as shoes and socks. Oftentimes, however, a bib or blanket may be added for adornment, as well as to provide a keepsake for the child after the ceremony.

The christening ceremony is a vital step for the initiation of a child into his or her religious life. This ritual involves the pouring of water over the crown of one's head, or the full immersion into a body of holy water. This is said to cleanse the spirit and make the baby ready to step into his or her faith.

What Do Christening Bibs Look Like?

The christening bibs themselves are usually white, a color that symbolizes purity of spirit. They might be simple piece of fabric with a sealed seam. However, many bibs are adorned with lace trim, Celtic embroidery, or the baby's initials. Even the simplest adornment can make a plain bib into a special memento.

One can choose to make the bib. However, christening bibs are easily found in retail stores or online, and can be custom ordered with embroidered designs or initials. The bib serves not just as a piece of the baby's attire; it becomes a reminder of the important day for a child's rite of passage into religious faith.

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