Christening Wear

Written by Ingrid Chen
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Christening wear is an essential element of the ceremonial christening of a child. Some churches may require specific pieces of apparel for the child's special day. Gowns, shoes, socks and bibs are just some of the elements of a baby's attire as he or she is welcomed into religious faith.

The christening of the child is the spiritual reception of the individual into his or her religious life. Specific steps are taken during the ceremony, each of which represents a step that the child takes as he or she is presented into a world of spiritual faith. One part of the christening requires the immersion of the baby into a body of holy water, in order to cleanse the spirit. In lieu of full immersion, and depending on parish, water may be poured onto the child's head instead.

What Christening Wear Entails

The elements of christening wear, though simple, can be adorned to make beautiful pieces. Though sometimes not required, babies traditionally don Christening gowns, worn by both male and female infants. Shoes and socks are worn with the gowns as well, and the baby might have a bib or blanket to wear during the ceremony, sometimes decorated with trim or embroidered with designs or initials.

These accessories may become commemorative items to remember the child's christening. As well as the clothing items that are part of christening wear, the baby might also wear a bonnet or cap, adorned with lace and ribbons, for example. Pendants might be added for decorative and memorable purposes as well. A final note to keep in mind is that white, though not always required, is traditionally the color of all christening wear, as it symbolizes purity and youth for the baby's reception into his or her faith.

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