Communion Dresses

Written by Ingrid Chen
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Communion dresses are an integral part of the communion ceremony. First communion is an important ritual for the formation of a young person's religious life. Starting at about seven years old, girls don their dresses and go experience the formal procedures of communion for the first time.

About Communion Dresses

Communion dresses are white, and cut to be modest in style. One can choose from a dress with long sleeves for the most conservative and traditional look. Alternately, short-sleeved and sleeveless styles are available now as well. They generally sit below the knee, and are made of material that sits fairly still for purposes of modesty (instead of being conducive to swaying).

Along with the dress, accessories are available to enhance and ornament the girl for her first communion. White shoes and socks or tights are common. Some parents choose to include a veil with the outfit. Interestingly, these accessories can make the communion attire seem like a small version of a wedding dress.

These dresses can be beautiful, with a simple fabric and cut. High-quality fabrics such as silk or organza can also be used to tailor the dress, and the dress can be ornamented with beading and ribbons to embellish the gown. But no matter what style and fabric you choose, communion dresses are made to adorn your little girl with the best appearance possible for her special day.

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