Communion Halos

Written by Ingrid Chen
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For the day of a child's first communion, accessories such as communion halos may add a fine touch to the child's attire. Accessories might also include veils, sashes, bracelets or necklaces that adorn the outfit with elegance. Though the communion wear is generally conservative, these simple accessories can dress up the outfit without becoming immodest.

Communion is an important step in the religious salvation of a Christian individual. Though not required by all parishes, communion can be a regular ceremony, such as Mass, or a ceremony specifically for the first communion of a child. Usually performed when the child is around seven years old, first communion is the initial sacramental and spiritual reception into their church.

Communion attire is generally white, representing purity of the spirit. Modest dress is encouraged, such as dresses that reach below the knee and have sleeves, long or short. Some parishes do not require white dress for communion, just that the child dress formally.

Communion Halos as Accessories

Communion halos enhance the impression of purity for a child. Traditionally, they elicit the image of an angel, young and moral. They can also be pleasing for a child to wear, as communion halos can be fun and adorable. They are just some of many accessories that may be added to the communion attire.

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