Discount Toys

Written by Serena Berger
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Kids want two things out of their toys: variety and quantity. If you think this isn't true, walk into any home as they celebrate their four year old's birthday and see the eyes of the children who look over a table packed with gifts in various sizes and shapes. Parents can often be made to feel as though simply keeping the supply of available playthings up to their kids' demands is the only reason to bring home a paycheck. Finding discount toys can mean the difference in finding both a balanced family budget and a contented child.

Part of the problem is the short attention span of today's children. A toy can be a hot, must-have item this month, while next month the kids won't touch it it and the parents wonder what all the fuss was about. Remember Tickle Me Elmo and the Cabbage Patch Kids? Discount toys are a certainly a practical way to lower the expense of keeping the kids happy--but it can still be difficult when your children want brand name toys, or when you know that a brand name does have benefits over a knock-off.

Finding Discount Toys

Perhaps the best method for getting name brand toys for less than retail cost is to buy them used. One of the best ways of accomplishing this is to buy on consignment. Consignment retailers generally have strict guidelines about the level of wear their merchandise can have, so you can be reasonably assured of getting quality products. An additional benefit is that once you have a relationship with a consignment dealer, you can sell the used toys your own kids no longer want or use.

Buying on consignment is easy, smart, and practical. Selling your old toys is easy, too. Fully stocking your children's toy boxes does not need to be as frighteningly expensive as it may have seemed. And, with a good schedule of purchases and sales, you may even be able to create a revolving door policy for the kids' toys that makes sure that everything sees a fair amount of use and utility, and fewer toys (and therefore dollars) go to waste.

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