Flower Girl Baskets

Written by Ingrid Chen
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All flower girls need to find the right flower girl baskets. Though it seems a small detail, finding the right basket for your flower girl is essential. Just like the girl's dress, the basket is best when it is congruent with the theme of the wedding.

Finding the Right Flower Girl Baskets

The function of the flower girl basket is for containing petals that the flower girl will sprinkle onto the wedding aisle. It is usually a good idea to find a basket that is light and easy to hold. Keep in mind that a little girl will need to navigate down the aisle with the basket in one hand and the other hand spreading the petals.

A wicker basket may be ideal, as they are light and sturdy, and easy to decorate. If you are worried about the wicker sticking out and scratching your little girl's hand, find a basket lined with satin or other fabric. Flower girl baskets such as this can be chosen to match the ring bearer's pillow as well.

For the petals, you may want to go with the most common and traditional rose petal. They are a good choice for their size, variation in color, aroma and ease of clean up. Alternately, you can find fabric petals, which are less expensive and a little easier for younger girls to handle and distribute, as they tend to be slick. If you want something a little fancier and more elaborate, flower girl baskets can be filled with whole, fresh flowers for the flower girl to pick the petals from as she walks down the aisle.

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