Flower Girl Baskets And Ring Pillows

Written by Ingrid Chen
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Children are commonly included in wedding ceremonies as flower girls or ring bearers, thus making it vital to have the proper flower girl baskets and ring pillows. One of many tasks for wedding planning includes providing accessories to the ceremony participants, and these small but important elements are no exception.

Where Do Flower Girl Baskets and Ring Pillows Apply?

Flower girl baskets and ring pillows have unique histories in the wedding ceremony. Traditionally, the flower girl is a young girl between ages three and eight whose responsibility is to create a path of flower petals for the bride to walk on. Walking across the petals as the bride steps down the aisle symbolizes the bride's path into a new part of life.

The ring bearer, usually a young boy, has the responsibility of presenting the wedding bands to the bride and groom at the altar. The ring pillow is traditionally small and white, with lace or other adornments bordering the pillow. The wedding bands are sewn on the pillow with a thin string, making the bands easy to pull off for the bride and groom to present the rings to each other.

Though there are traditional designs for flower girl baskets and ring pillows, one should feel free to take liberties with the colors, shapes, and ornamentation. Making a wedding unique can be as simple as varying the accessories. Though seemingly trivial, the intricate details of a ceremony may be what people remember the most.

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