Flower Girl Dresses

Written by Ingrid Chen
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Choosing the right flower girl dresses can be just as important as choosing the wedding dress itself. Besides being a tradition, having a flower girl at the ceremony brings a cheerful element to the wedding. As your flower girl tiptoes down the aisle, peppering it with handfuls of petals, she will doubtlessly induce a few smiles from the guests on the way.

The task of the flower girl is to spread rose petals on the aisle. It is a beautiful addition to the ceremony, and some say having the bride walk on fresh petals represents stepping into a new life. Flower girls can walk either in front of the maid of honor, or just before the bride. They are generally between the ages of three and eight.

When the girl reaches the altar, she might stand next to the bridesmaids. However, most flower girls are too young to stand still for an entire ceremony. Having her parents sit near the front is a good idea, as she can scamper straight to them after walking the aisle.

Choosing the Right Flower Girl Dresses

Because every garment worn in a wedding affects the tone and atmosphere of the ceremony, flower girl dresses are best selected by following the theme of the wedding, if there is one. One might simply match the dress to the style and color of the bride's dress. Some bridal gowns even come with matching flower girl dresses, making the task of complementing the bride's attire much easier.

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