Flower Girl Necklaces

Written by Ingrid Chen
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Flower girl necklaces are an elegant addition to flower girl dresses and accessories. The flower girl dress and basket will probably be the focus of the outfit. However, adding an accessory like a necklace can really bring the dress from dull to eye-catching.

White and silver are common shades for jewelry, as those colors match most any color theme that the wedding might follow. Flower girl necklaces with these shades are easy to find--you can go with a simple string of pearls, for example. Many necklace chains are silver, and as another benefit, allow for the pendant to be changed easily.

Choosing a pendant is up to your discretion. Keep in mind, however, that a smaller pendant will be less cumbersome, for little girls especially. A smaller pendant has other benefits. For example, if you want the focus to be on the girl's basket or veil, keeping the necklace simple avoids drawing too much attention to that area.

Flower Girl Necklaces for Very Young Girls

For very young flower girls, it is a good idea for the necklace to be small and pendant--less. By small, I mean a necklace that is not long and cannot easily catch onto something else accidentally. Also, any hanging parts on flower girl necklaces may be dangerous for a little girl, as they tend to play with dangling parts. An example of an appropriate piece for a little girl is a short pearl necklace.

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