Girls' Dress Socks

Written by Ingrid Chen
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For young girls' formal wear, it may be necessary to find accessories to complete the outfit, such as hair clips, necklaces, and girls' dress socks. You might not be familiar with what accessories can be added to a girls attire. However, the accessories are sometimes required for some events. Other times, girls may just want them out of modern trends.

As a girl, there were often accessories that were in fashion, which I had to have to keep up with that style period. From hair bows and "scrunchies" to shoelace clips and legwarmers, the popular items were constantly changing. Colorful socks went in and out of style, but generally remained a fashionable item depending on style.

Girls' Dress Socks: Popular Style

Girls' dress socks followed the trends just as all other fashion items. During the schoolgirl craze, argyle socks were popular; when the '50s came back, bobby socks were the "it" accessory. As a little girl, white socks with lace or embroidered trim made fancy skirts and dresses even more special garments.

Why might one choose to outfit a young girl with dress socks? They are practical for formal occasions, and can be utilitarian as well. Comfort is one reason--dress shoes generally tend to be stiff, especially if brand new, and a pair of socks can relieve any pain from unusual pressure points in the feet. Though not as much as thicker, informal socks, dress socks can aid in keeping a girl's feet warm. One might also choose to add dress socks to an outfit because of their aesthetic appeal. Girls' dress socks oftentimes have pretty patterns and lace or other trim. Dress socks are an easy solution if the girl's legs need to be covered.

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