Girls' Formal Dresses

Written by Ingrid Chen
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The availability of styles of girls' formal dresses is nowadays highly variable and seemingly endless. Depending on the occasion, these formal dresses can be found to match almost any event. Colors, styles and accessories in children's clothing fluctuate with the ever-changing trends of adult fashion, and girls' formal dresses are no exception.

As a little girl, I can remember the joy I felt trying on dresses for a holiday party. I was especially attentive towards dresses with layers or ornamentation, such as ribbons and sashes. Colorful dresses and shoes also stand out in my mind. The styles of those dresses are still clear in my memory as a special part of the events I attended.

The Variety of Girls' Formal Dresses

From pageants to costume parties, holidays to birthdays, the formal dress translates as fitting and sometimes required attire for many occasions. Take a look at the nature of the event; is it conservative, or more entertaining? Though choosing a child's dress does not allow often for excessive breaks from modest styles, there are still ways to make a dress stand out.

The accessories to accompany girls' formal dresses can also make a huge difference in making the outfit unique. These dresses can be found in many retail stores and online stores, as many specialize specifically in girls' formal dresses. Pageant stores, for example, will carry certain styles of dress, oftentimes with layers of tulle or organza to emphasize the exceptional style of the dress.

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