Girls' White Dresses

Written by Ingrid Chen
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From weddings to christenings, it is common to find girls' white dresses as part of traditional occasions. White has universally been used to symbolize purity and beauty, in Western cultures especially. This symbolism is a particularly important part of Christian ceremonies.

Types of Girls'White Dresses

Though white dresses can be worn to many formal events, there are special occasions in particular where white dresses are required or at least recommended for traditional purposes. Wedding dresses, for one, are customarily white or off-white for western Christians. First communion dresses for young girls are also traditionally white, as well as debutante dresses.

Girls' white dresses can be made from most any material. However, there are some commonly used fabrics. Satin or silk are especially elegant. Similar synthetics may be used to replicate the sheen of satin without the high cost. Tulle or organza may be used for special touches, such as veils or trains.

Finding the right fit is especially important for girls' white dresses. A dress that is too large looks obvious because white stands out. Though you may be tempted to allow for growing room when fitting the dress, many white dresses are used for a single occasion. Thus a correct fit is the best bet for that once-in-a-lifetime event.

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