Little Girl Tiaras

Written by Ingrid Chen
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Little girl tiaras are prominent and fun accessories for girls in many events, from pageants to formal balls. Tiaras, historically worn by royalty, can add a stunning element to an event. Some choose to ornament wedding attire with tiaras, adding a sense of nobility and affluence. They are representative of premier individuals, and thus little girl tiaras are common pieces for first place winners of pageant-like competitions.

The History of Little Girl Tiaras

There is a rich history behind tiaras. Tiaras have varied remarkably in form, from exceptionally ornate and heavy, with gems and gold or silver plating, to the mark of nobility in classical times: a simple cloth wrapped around the head and tied in the back, possibly adorned with gems or pearls.

Also known as diadems, they were worn by ancient Egyptian royalty (as well as by the mummies of royalty!). Ancient Greeks and Romans wore tiaras as well, as did their mythological gods. History indicates that individuals of high stature in Napoleonic times wore Greek-inspired tiaras of olive leaves and laurels. Soon French and English royalty donned tiaras, this time ornamented with priceless jewels, as a mark of prosperous times. Around that time, brides also commonly wore tiaras, which is a trend that has continued into modern times.

Modern tiaras reflect those of the historical English and French style; the design is generally symmetrical, typically coming to a peak at the middle of the band that wraps around the crown of the head. In modern weddings, adorable little girl tiaras are worn as well as bridal tiaras. From competitions to weddings, costumes and special events, tiaras can be seen everywhere.

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