Ring Bearer Pillows

Written by Ingrid Chen
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Wedding ceremony participants bear various responsibilities, which requires having the appropriate accessories. Flower girl baskets and ring bearer pillows are just a few examples. Though small details, they are equally as important to the wedding ceremony as the dresses and suits that the participants wear.

Ring bearer pillows hold the rings for the ceremony, and rings have historically played a significant part in weddings. The infinite band of gold, silver or other precious material symbolizes the endless union of partners. Wedding rings can be traced back to early Rome and ancient Egypt as representative of being bound by perpetual love.

The Function of Ring Bearer Pillows

The ring bearer carries the wedding rings to the altar, and presents them to the bride and groom when that point in the ceremony arrives. Traditionally the rings are sewn lightly onto a pillow. Ring bearer pillows are normally small pillows, possibly adorned with lace, ribbons, or other trimmings.

The responsibility of ring bearer does not have to belong to a young boy. It can be given to the best man, or the groom might even hold the rings in his pocket until the time comes to exchange them. However, having a young boy as the ring bearer can provide a sense of delight and even entertainment, as the youth toddles down the aisle.

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