Us Angels Flower Girl Veils

Written by Ingrid Chen
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US Angels flower girl veils are a delicate and elegant addition to the apparel of flower girls. Although a veil is not necessary for the flower girl, it can heighten the traditional feel of a wedding ceremony. What one chooses to outfit the flower girl with can make the flower girl an adorable and beautiful part of a wedding ceremony.

The History of US Angels Flower Girl Veils

Veils carry with them a rich history. Dating back to early Christianity, Roman Catholic women were required to wear veils in any public areas, including when attending church. As historical laws and fashion style in Western countries changed over the years, veils became a requirement for church only. This rule was observed until as recently as the 1960s. Now only on rare occasions are women seen wearing veils, weddings being a prominent example.

The flower girl, usually a young girl under the age of eight, is responsible for distributing flower petals on the ceremonial aisle, creating a path of colorful petals for the bride to walk on towards the altar. Flower girls traditionally wear formal dresses, whose colors depend on the discretion of the bride and groom. Some say the flower girl is a little "replica" of the bride herself, and adding US Angels flower girl veils to the outfit can enhance that effect.

US Angels flower girl veils can come in several styles. One style of veil is a long piece of flowing fabric, such as tulle or organza, attached to a ring, which sits atop the girl's head. The ring might be decorated with ribbons and flowers. The fabric might also be attached to a hair clip, which is simply clipped onto the crown of the girl's hair.

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