Used Kid Clothes

Written by Serena Berger
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Kids go through clothes much faster then adults. They roll in the mud, crawl on the grass, skin their knees, and generally make a mess of shirts and pants. Just keeping a rambunctious toddler in decent looking clothes can be a nightmare, requiring a series of quick costume changes. Top that off with the fact that even the clothes that don't get beaten up are outgrown in no time, and you end up with a lot of parents spending a lot of money on clothes.

Supply and Demand for Used Kids' Clothes
If all of the parents with perfectly good used clothes that no longer fit their kids pooled their resources, there'd be plenty of clothes for everyone. This is the basic idea behind the consignment sale of used kids' clothes. "Gently used" clothes can be redistributed, and save the buyers some money and make the sellers some, too.

Most internet consignment works a lot like EBay, but without the delay of having an actual auction. The seller sets the price, posts pictures or descriptions of the items, and you can search a site for what you need. You can also see buyer feedback from anyone else who has transacted with the seller to make sure your confidence is deserved. Typically the people who facilitate the sale take a small percentage for managing the consignment. Prices will vary depending on the quality, level of wear, and brand names on offer, but you can expect to save quite a bit compared to retail prices. You'll also be helping to reduce somebody else's closet-clutter in the process.

When it comes time for you to sell some of your own used clothing, make sure you work with a reputable site. If you're selling on consignment, make sure the consignment shop or website has guidelines for wear and quality, Also, be honest about what you have to sell. When other people leave feedback on you, you'll find it hard to make any future sales if you've given an item four stars for quality and your buyers think it was more deserving of two.

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