Christian Birthday Gifts

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Christian birthday gifts are imaginative, fun, and, of course, righteous. There is no better present you could give your friends and loved ones than the latest Christian-themed gifts. Christian gifts are just like any other gift, only they give one thing extra: a reminder of the power of God ... and none of us ever get too much of that!

When people think of Christian-oriented gifts, they tend to think of the usual things, such as Bibles or holy decorative items such as plaques or pictures. Unfortunately, these things have an antiquated image, like the stuff you see on the walls at grandma's house. However, there are much cooler Christian birthday gifts out there. For example, how many people give the gift of Christian clothing--and I mean cool Christian clothing. I don't mean the cheesy stuff you see at the mall.

Trendy Christian Birthday Gifts

Christian clothing is evolving into hip, fashionable urban wear that makes a statement. The great thing, of course, is that the statement is positive. Now you can see skateboarders and deejays wearing cutting-edge Christian T-shirts in the latest styles. Rough urban fonts spell out Christian messages of faith. Cool, edgy logos of the cross or of a single key Christian word decorate shirts, hats, and other accessories with a minimalist flair.

If "edgy" is not your style, there are other options in Christian birthday gifts. For example, girls love Christian-themed baby tees in flattering cuts and vibrant colors, as well as accessories such as Christian hats and jewelry. As you can see, this is the kind of great-looking stuff that young Christians have been waiting for. Of course, anybody of any age can enjoy cool clothes with Christian messages on their birthday. The only thing that counts is that you have style and, above all, faith.

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