Christian Gift Idea

Written by Robin Van Heertum
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Christian gift ideas are seemingly endless. However, in my opinion, as time goes on, the choices keep getting better. We all are familiar with the staples of Christian gift ideas: Bibles, Christian-oriented books, inspirational art, embroidered pillows, and the like. My grandmother's home was like a clearinghouse of Christian gifts. She had all these things and more. They were her way of expressing her love of God and surrounding herself with His grace.

However, not everyone has the same taste as my grandmother. For most of my life, this made me a little sad. Young people like myself, who also were dedicated to the love of God and spreading the Word, didn't have those important items for our generation. It wasn't cool for your room to look like grandma's apartment. I always felt like my generation was left to fend for itself and find its own inspirational objects.

Good Christian Gift Ideas

I'm so glad that things have changed. Young people today have such cool and trendy Christian gift ideas available to them, compared to what my friends and I had. Today's younger generation has high quality, urban-style T-shirts, and skateboard-culture hoodies (hooded sweatshirts), all sporting Christian themes. These clothes can contain a simple logo, such as the cross, or a provocative text passage from the Holy Book.

Innovative designs for hip Christian clothing include parodies of modern pop culture, spun with Christian themes. For example, one of the shirts I love contains the slogan, "Jesus: That's my final answer." These are highly imaginative ways to attract the attention of young people and get them to think about God. For this reason, I think that cool and trendy Christian clothing designed for young people is one of the greatest gift ideas you could think of.

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