Christian Hat

Written by Robin Van Heertum
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Christian hats sure have changed. I'm not talking about your basic, over-the-top Sunday church hats, either. I'm not speaking of the grand hat of the Pope. No, sir, I am talking about the ubiquitous baseball cap. I'm referring to the protector from the sun, the habitual cover for a "bad hair day," and now, the ultimate in casual urban cool.

When it comes to accessories, especially for men, there is nothing as basic or comfortable as the good old baseball cap. The men in my family--as well as a couple women--can't go anywhere without theirs. Whether you wear your cap facing forward or backward, there's no mistaking the fact that baseball hats are the all-American accessory.

Wearing Christian Hats

We've done almost everything to the baseball cap, too. We've put team names on them. We've monogrammed every initial you could think of. We've embroidered clever slogans onto them. However, when was the last time you saw an inspirational baseball cap? When was the last time you saw a casual, modern-day, sporty Christian hat?

Christian hats can have anything on them, from the sign of the cross to the name of Jesus Christ embroidered on the front. Of course, everything should be done in good taste and with the highest quality materials and manufacturing processes. I've seen some wonderful craftsmanship on Christian apparel sites on the Internet. What's more, they're sold at very fair and affordable prices.

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