Christian Sweatshirt

Written by Robin Van Heertum
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Christian sweatshirts will keep you warm and comfortable, just like other sweatshirts. However, with your Christian-themed sweatshirt, you'll be accomplishing more than warmth and comfort. You'll also be putting God's word out there for all the world to see. This is exactly what we are to do as Christians: spread the word of God. What a great way to do it --on a piece of clothing!

How many people do you encounter in a day? I'm not talking about every person you end up talking to; no, I mean the people who merely see you passing by. Total strangers, with whom you may never actually have a conversation, do nevertheless take note of you. When you're wearing a provocative Christian message on your sweatshirt, you can rest assured that others will definitely notice you.

Christian Sweatshirts as Tools of Faith

Sometimes people will notice your Christian sweatshirt and approach you to talk about its message. I know this firsthand, for this has happened to me a few times. Usually these people want to know where I got the sweatshirt because they'd like one for themselves! Other times they want to share their experiences with God. Occasionally they want to argue about it. Of course, wearing a Christian-themed sweatshirt doesn't oblige you to converse with anybody, especially if they're belligerent.

However, whether you end up talking to anyone or not, your Christian hoodie will definitely be working for you ... and working for God. There's no knowing just how far your Christian message will take people. You can't possibly know the backstory for every person you encounter. However, all of us are human. We all share the same basic struggle for meaning in our lives. Consider your Christian sweatshirt to be a force for good, sending rays of light to everyone you encounter, and provoking in others either a new contemplation of God, or affirming their ongoing relationship with Him.

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