Christian Teen Jewelry

Written by Robin Van Heertum
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Christian teen jewelry addresses two very important and seemingly opposite issues in the lives of teenagers: attractiveness and holiness. Teens are by their very nature self-conscious, and more often than not, self-critical. They are experiencing perhaps the most tumultuous period in their lives. Teens deal with a flood of emotions and physical changes, not to mention pressures from mainstream society as well as other teens.

Thus, key among teenagers' concerns is their looks. It is normal for teenagers to feel insecure about their appearance, and to want to present themselves to the opposite sex in the most flattering way. This is especially true for girls, who tend to worry obsessively about their looks. As parents, we would like to make this obsession go away, but we simply can't. It is a process they need to go through, just as we did.

Trends in Christian Teen Jewelry

One thing that can ease this process is Christian teen jewelry. There is plenty of lovely, Christian-themed jewelry out there that's trendy enough to satisfy the pickiest teen tastes. Yet this Christian jewelry is not objectionable, like other jewelry can be. My heart sinks when I see my friend's teenage daughters wearing necklaces that say Slut or Porn Star. Thankfully, hip Christian jewelry for teens provides an alternative to these offensive fashions.

In a world that grows less innocent each day, it's a relief to know that there are islands of hope. To me, Christian teen jewelry represents one of those islands. It offers both the attractiveness and hipness that teenagers seek, but with the positivity that they need. A cool-looking hemp-and-bead Agape bracelet or a hippie-style choker with a cross allows teens to straddle those two seemingly conflicting worlds without doing any damage to themselves or others.

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