Faith Wear

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Faith wear is the next logical step in the evolution of the Christian faith. Christians always want to share their faith with others, and help others to be saved. It is all part of being a Christian. Wearing Christian apparel that expresses basic Christian values, either through imagery, slogans, or actual verses from the Bible, is a subtle but effective way to spread the word of God to countless others.

Think of all the people you encounter in one day. From your trips to the supermarket, to bringing the car into the gas station, to going to the movies, and to countless other activities that bring you out of your house and into the public, you're crossing paths with a lot of other people. You can't talk to all of them about your faith, and if you're shy, you wouldn't want to. This is what's so wonderful about faith wear: it does the talking for you.

Faith Wear in Action

I'll give you an example by sharing my latest experience with faith-based wear. I was in Starbucks getting my daily dose of caffeine. As usual, it was quite busy, and I was waiting in a long line. I was wearing my favorite Christian tee shirt, which says "Abreadcrumb & Fish." This, of course, is a takeoff on the hugely popular clothing store, Abercrombie & Fitch.

A woman behind me in line told me she loved my tee shirt. She said that she had been staring at it, trying to figure out what it meant. Finally, the light bulb went off: "Oh! A bread crumb and a fish--a reference to Jesus!" She then said she also was a Christian, and that she appreciated how the shirt brought her back to Jesus for that moment. She then wanted to know where she could get one for herself. This was a great incidence of faith wear in action!

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