Jesus T-shirt

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Jesus T-shirts are a wonderful and respectful way to show your Christian faith in this day and age. Still, they can be shocking to some people. Many people are not used to seeing religious images portrayed on clothing. Some more conservative-minded folks may find it sacrilegious. Others may think it's a joke, as the unfortunate trend toward ironic portrayal of Christian imagery has demonstrated.

However, Jesus T-shirts are available to those with an earnest interest in faith wear. If you want to show your love of Christ for all the world to see, and perhaps even become an agent of change, then Christian T-shirts are for you. That's right: wearing a Christian T-shirt can actually change the world. I know from first-hand experience.

My Jesus T-Shirt Experiences

I've actually had numerous interesting experiences due to my Christian T-shirts, so much so that I've jokingly labeled it my Jesus T-Shirt Syndrome. That's because so many people become intrigued with the message on my shirt that they inevitably strike up a conversation about it. Usually they want to know what the shirt means, and where I got it. Other times, they are moved to share their own personal stories about what Jesus has done for them, which is wonderful.

On occasion, I also get some naysayers, usually in the form of sniggering teenagers who prefer to make fun of the shirt, rather than be confronted with what it means. However, I don't take much offense. The truth is that to many people, Jesus is a dangerous subject. Many people are not ready to confront the power of God and what's in store for them in the afterlife; it terrifies them, so they respond with fear in the form of derision. I feel satisfied even at these times, for at least they've been confronted with the truth. Maybe one day, when they're ready, they will get back to it.

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