Message T-shirt

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Message T shirts is a vague term that can mean many things, but generally, it's just what it sounds like: T shirts that don't just serve as basic clothing, but that also carry a message of social, political, or other type of importance. Message T shirts have been popular ever since their explosion in popularity in thee sixties and seventies, at the height of mass social and political consciousness among American youth. For my purposes here, however, I will be talking about the newest trend in message T shirts, also known as Christian tees.

If you've seen Christian apparel in the last 20 years, you might have a certain image in mind that may no longer be an accurate reflection of Christian clothing today. I speak for my own recollections when I remember overly cute, appliqued sweatshirts or lightweight iron-on T shirts with generally cheesy designs. These are the Christian clothes I grew up with, and as a kid, I loved them.

Today's Message T Shirts

However, as an adult, I sometimes cannot believe we wore that stuff. Maybe that's the way we'll always look back on yesterday's fashions, and maybe it's unfair. My point is that today's Christian clothing has come a long way. Today's Christian message tees come in a higher quality cotton than in years past. They're also designed by top artists whose art work is best described by the word edgy, not cheesy. Urban style has overtaken the middle-American look in the world of Christian apparel, which can only be good news, especially for the younger generation.

As far as the messages themselves, they range from the simple and subtle (the sign of the cross, for one, or the Christian fish) to a single word loaded with Christian meaning, such as Exodus, to verses lifted from the New Testament. Other message tees contain slogans of great impact, such as the one with the words "Hand to Hand Combat" above an image of two hands clasped together in prayer. Others are more lighthearted, like one of my favorites, which says, "Jesus: That's my final answer."

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