Religious Bracelet

Written by Robin Van Heertum
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Religious bracelets can have a power for the individual that others may not ever realize. You have to know a person's full story to ever truly know why they do what they do, and wear what they wear. It's like seeing an elaborate tattoo on a person. It makes you wonder what its significance is to that person--or what it was when they got it. The same goes for jewelry. Self-adornment, especially of a religious nature, can be a very personal thing.

Christian bracelets can tell a story all their own. Of course, if they're being worn by someone other than yourself, you can never be sure of the details. However, for many people who wear them, they provide a foundation of strength and confidence that they depend on daily. Having a visual symbol of faith with you all day, in a place as easy to see as your wrist, can be an incredible source of personal power.

Wearing Religious Bracelets

In my opinion, as long as people don't rely on harmful means like alcohol and drugs, bullying others, lying to themselves, or other ways on the false path, anything they can do to bolster their strength in the face of difficulties is good. When this strength is fueled by faith in God, so much the better. There's really not much more any of us can ask for in this life but to lead a good life--meaning a righteous life in the service of God.

Some people wonder: are religious bracelets only for women, or can men wear them as well? Personal ornamentation for both men and women has gone back for thousands of years and is even documented in the Bible. If it's done in the praise of God, there are no restrictions on who may wear religious bracelets, necklaces and chains, chokers, or faith-based apparel. The only guide to go by is if you enjoy wearing the object. If you do, and it brings you closer to God, then you should make this object a part of your basic wardrobe. Wear it in good health, and God bless!

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