Share Your Faith

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Share your faith through Christian-themed apparel and accessories, jewelry, and even stickers. These are handy and popular ways to let others know about your faith in the Lord without having to do any direct preaching. Plus, with the high-quality, excellently designed Christian apparel and accessories available through the Internet today, you can look mighty good doing it!

For instance, you can find cool, up-to-the minute Christian tee shirts that get across the message of God with humor and panache. These tees often poke gentle fun at modern pop culture, or use it as a vehicle for the Christian message. For example, some parody wildly popular TV shows. Others are more confrontational, tackling more serious subjects such as homeland security and the September 11th attacks.

Ways to Share Your Faith

There are many different ways to let the world know the importance of God. You can share your faith through volunteering, public speaking, and participation in Christian discussion groups. You can casually share your faith with others throughout your daily routine by bringing up your love of Christ, your church activities, and so on. However, this requires some discretion. Unfortunately, that reality in this day and age is that people who are a little too open about their love of God can quickly get labeled as so-called nuts.

However, by simply wearing a Christian-themed tee shirt, baseball cap, or bracelet, you can make it clear that you're a Christian believer without having to say anything. This is a very smart and subtle technique for provoking curiosity among others about religion and God. People don't generally respond well to being preached at. Generally, their reaction is to shut down. However, with Christian clothing, you'll provide the stimulus for discussion, and then leave the ball in their court. You might be surprised at how many people will pick it up and approach you to talk about God.

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