Candle Gifts

Written by Amy Hall
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It seems that the world has gone candle-crazy, and when special occasions arise, consumers are likely to consider candle gifts for their friends and family. The great thing about soy candles is that they burn cleanly, and they often have aromatic healing oils added to them, so their scent is relaxing to the mind and the spirit. Soy candles also leave little soot residue behind like paraffin wax candles often do.

If you are thinking about candle gifts for those you love this upcoming holiday season, you certainly have a host of choices at your disposal. There are literally dozens of various scents and scent combinations, that when added to candles, permeate the air in a pleasing manner. If you have ever walked into a friend's home and immediately noticed the scent in the air, aromatherapy candles were likely the source of that fragrance.

Candle Gifts Online

There surely are loads of traditional stores in your area that sell candle gifts, but you may find that the prices are not impressive. Keep in mind that traditional retailers often hike up the prices of candles because they have a high overhead to cover. Therefore, they are not able to significantly pass on any savings to the public.

However, online retailers have eliminated the problem of high overhead and can afford to offer great candle products at lower prices. If you really want to come up with something special to give your mother, sister, wife, husband, boyfriend, or even your boss, candles make a wonderful gift idea. There are hundreds of different shapes, sizes, colors, and fragrances to choose from, so you can really pick out something that personally speaks to you.

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It depends. There all sevreal different types of "flameless" or wickless candles. There are some that look like a candle that have light bulbs on the top in the shape of a flame and there are others that are simmer pots that have a container on the top that is used to heat scented wax to release the scent.Some of the simmer pots use a light bulb to heat the wax with some of the light shining through. The wattage of the light bulb used would determine how much light comes out. Other simmer pots use a heating plate rather than a light bulb so you wouldn't get any light from that type. I've included a link to a website I found that shows pictures of the different types.You could probably get enough light to read from a flameless candle that uses a 40 watt light bulb, but it would probably be too dim to read with anything less. You might want to look into getting a little book light to read with.