Foot Cream

Written by Amy Hall
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Foot cream should not be something that you look at as a luxury but rather a necessity. If you neglect your feet, you may find that at some point down the road, your feet rebel. Common conditions such as athlete's foot, fungal infections, and corns can all be the direct result of foot-neglect.

A good foot cream should contain some soothing healing oils that will not only help repair dry, cracked skin, but will smell lovely. Healing and conditioning peppermint and tea tree oils will invigorate tired, achy feet, while keeping fungal infections at bay. It is best to apply a foot cream right after bathing, when the skin is most able to lock in moisture.

Some people with severely cracked skin on the heels of their feet apply foot cream before bed and wear socks to lock in the moisture. For even added moisturizing, you can zap your socks in the microwave for a few seconds to warm them up. The heat from the socks will help the botanicals in the cream penetrate the skin faster.

Healing Foot Cream

Another good suggestion is to use an exfoliating foot scrub in the bath or shower to be followed by foot cream. This way, you get the benefits of exfoliation, which reveals softer, younger skin underneath that is always more receptive to moisture than dead skin. Look for all types of foot care products through online retailers that sell natural bath and body products.

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