Handcrafted Soap

Written by Amy Hall
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Handcrafted soap makes a lovely gift idea for anyone on your list, whether the occasion is Christmas or a birthday celebration. Women especially tend to appreciate natural bath and body products, as they are small indulgences that often fall by the wayside. Women are often taking care of others, and as a result, can forget to take care of themselves.

If you have a special woman in your life who could use a bit of pampering, handcrafted soap that smells delightful can be a wonderful gesture. These natural soaps are made from healing oils and herbal ingredients that when combined, not only provide superb cleansing, but also provide soothing stress relief with their botanical fragrances. These soaps look beautiful when wrapped in delicate floral fabric and tied with a lace or velvet bow.

Don't forget that you can really outdo yourself and put together a big basket of natural beauty products that can include handcrafted soap along with foot scrub, body lotion, and bath gel. You may opt for multiple fancy gift boxes as opposed to one big basket, which you can stack in a tier and wrap with a gorgeous bow. This will likely bring a smile to your recipient's face when he or she gets to open more than one box of goodies.

Beautifully Scented Handcrafted Soap

If you are wondering what kinds of scents are available for soaps and other natural body products, just remember that if you can imagine a scent, it can likely be incorporated into a beauty product. Popular scent choices include: lavender, vanilla, lemon verbena, rosemary mint, cucumber melon, juniper berry, and rose. However, if there is another scent that you just know your recipient will love, do not hesitate to go with your gut instinct. Perhaps you can choose a variety of scents, which will give your recipient some options come bath time.

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