Healing Oils

Written by Amy Hall
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Healing oils are used with aromatherapy diffusers to alter one's mood. There are oils that are used to reduce stress, boost one's libido, induce sleepiness, invigorate the senses, calm hormones, and manage morning sickness. Just a few drops placed in a diffuser can allow the fragrances of these oils to permeate the air and do what it is they are supposed to do.

Some doctors prescribe morning sickness remedies that include the use of healing oils and a diffuser. It is a proven fact that the combination of lavender and peppermint oil can truly put the brakes on nausea, which is a godsend for many pregnant women. Soy candles that contain the essential oils of orange, vanilla, and lavender can also calm the raging hormones that many pregnant women struggle with on a daily basis.

If you are looking to improve your love life, vanilla, patchouli, orange, and sandalwood healing oils are the perfect combination to set the mood. Add a few drops to your diffuser, and let the magic happen naturally. Sometimes you may elect to experiment with different oils to get the combination that works wonders for you.

The Power of Healing Oils

Okay, let's say you just cannot seem to unwind at night, and your sleep has suffered considerably because of this. Well, lavender and chamomile are the perfect combination of oils to help your mind calm down enough to let you drift off to sleep peacefully. On the flip side, if you are trying to stay awake to study for an exam or get some work done, peppermint, lemon, and eucalyptus are the perfect oils for invigorating your senses.

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