Lavender Body Lotion

Written by Amy Hall
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Lavender body lotion is a staple in many gift boxes containing spa body products. The essential oils from the lavender plant are known for their soothing and healing properties, which is why they are used in natural bath and body products. In addition to being used in beauty products, lavender oil is also used in aromatherapy gifts, such as potpourri, soy candles, and healing oils.

Life can be stressful, and there have been numerous studies done to show the correlation between chronic stress and health problems. It has been shown that chronic stress contributes to heart disease, certain cancers, anxiety disorders, depression, insomnia, and dementia. Therefore, in order to avoid such conditions and health problems, it becomes necessary to implement strategies that combat stress. Smoothing lavender body lotion all over your body morning and night may sound silly to you, but it can and often does help relieve stress.

The Wonder of Lavender Body Lotion

If you have difficulty concentrating or your sleep is poor, it could be that stress is wreaking havoc on your frame of mind. You might want to invest in some lightly scented lavender candles to burn in your home and place of work, which can induce relaxation without any effort from you. Perhaps you could buy some lavender body lotion to keep with you on your desk, and a little dab here and there can also calm your nerves.

There are many essential oils that help people to relax into a calm state of mind. Lavender is perhaps the most well known because it has been used for years, all over the world, for its healing properties. If you could use a little tranquility, try to keep lavender in the back of your mind the next time you do a little shopping. Treat yourself to some lovely lavender products that will surely calm your frazzled nerves.

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I'd just as soon add my own oils - I'm looking to the litoons etc to do the emollient thing and sometimes the same lotion can be used for different purposes - also, I'm not real sure how each oil affects the viscosity (ex: I put some rose geranium in a lotion that should have been very creamy but it was about the consistency of milk with less than .5% RG; nothing else different from last batch) and I'd like to get some other stuff nailed down before I open this bottle - so to speak...also, there is so much adulteration going on that I doubt if most people have an authentic EO to use in the first place!