Linen Waters

Written by Amy Hall
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Linen waters allow you to sneak some stress relief into your life without much effort on your part. Botanical linen waters are used to add a subtle scent to your bed linens, your furniture, and even your clothes. You can spray linen water directly onto clothing during ironing, or you can pour some into your wash for a refreshing, clean scent.

Many people who don't particularly enjoy wearing cologne or perfume derive pleasure from using linen waters. The aroma is never over-powering, yet it can add just the right amount of freshness to one's clothing or bed sheets. There is something special about climbing into bed and pulling lavender scented sheets over your body. Some people even mix scents to come up with their own unique blend of fragrances that bring calm into their lives.

For example, if you love to drift off to sleep with the scents of vanilla, orange blossom, and lavender enveloping you, a trio of linen waters could do the job. Some linen waters come already blended, and combination scents such as vanilla/lavender or rosemary/mint are popular as well. Perhaps you don't like the artificial smell of room fresheners but want to add a fresh mist smell to the air. Linen waters can freshen the air in a room without becoming overpowering.

Refreshing Linen Waters

Look for linen waters that contain all-natural ingredients. In addition, it is wise to check the label to make sure the linen water you are using is safe for all fabrics and materials. If you love to surround yourself with the intoxicating scents of fresh herbs and botanicals, natural linen waters can turn your home into a haven.

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