Lipstick And The Economy

Written by Beth Marlin Lichter
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Lipstick appears to be recession-proof. It is one commodity, even during the most stressful of economic periods, that women continue to buy. For many females, an hour or two of shopping, when time permits, is very enjoyable, therapeutic, relaxing. The quest for a new dress to wear out to dinner or a pair of great shoes can be an exciting adventure, especially when combined with a lunch out on the town.
During economic downturns, many luxuries are quickly abandoned. Lunch dates are replaced with budget meals at home, closets are rummaged through for older garments which might possibly be considered again as acceptable party wear, and shoe shopping seems extremely frivolous.
The urge to shop still exists. Unfortunately, expendable income does not.
At times like these, one finds oneself heading out to the mall anyway, to “window-shop”, lured by a special sale, or the desire to spend a bit of time admiring the season’s fashions.
While big ticket items like cashmere sweaters and designer purses are diligently eliminated from the agenda, the need to satisfy the shopping bug can be easily satisfied by the purchase of a new lipstick.
Why is lipstick so powerful? The answer is obvious. It’s a small item, which comes in a lovely case. Some lipsticks are downright gorgeous, which makes them feel more like a luxury item than a pedestrian tool in the cosmetic bag. Designer lipsticks are not cheap either. It’s common to drop $25 at the cosmetic counter for a new luscious color. Plus the application of lipstick is an instant perk-up for the tired face. It’s really an application of “pretty”, which can take place at regular intervals throughout the day.
One might leave the mall without the usual accumulation of bags and receipts, but still the experience has been worthwhile. That drop dead red in the dusty gold case is gonna look great at the dinner table tonight!

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